23 Personal Branding Tips for 2023

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  1. You don’t need to be great to start, but you need to start to be great
  2. Remember: everyone has personal brand. It’s just your reputation.
  3. Your personal brand isn’t about being selfish… it’s about having security.
  4. Figure out what you want to be known for. This goes beyond your current job.
  5. Don’t hesitate to bring your whole self to whatever platform you create content on. Show up as the real you (it makes it more fun). 
  6. What do you stand for? Figure out 2-3 hills you would die on (within your niche). Focus on that you passionate about, and that you enjoy talking about
  7. The best content creators know how to say the same things in a 100 different ways 
  8. Do unscalable things at the start – respond to DMs, respond to comments, respond to emails, go on podcasts. Get yourself out there, and don’t shy away. 
  9.  Document your ideas. The more you document, the more ideas and content you have captured. You’ll never run out of material if you make it a habit to document, screenshot, and record. 
  10. Come up with 3-4 content pillars. You can stray from these, but this is the core of what you talk about. That align with the hills you would die on. Mine are: How to grow on social media, The importance of Media for B2B, and The importance of hyping up other marketers. 
  11. Consistency beats brilliance, when brilliance isn’t consistent.
  12. Play the long game because most people won’t. You’ll outlast them. There’s power in patience. 
  13. Reverse engineer what the best do. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Just innovate upon it. Study and perfect your craft (because we can always grow and get better). 
  14. Nobody can be you. So learn what the best do, but don’t copy them because then you lose your competitive advantage. 
  15. Pick a channel where your audience hangs out. Dominate 1 channel at a time. Don’t be average on a bunch of channels. (LinkedIn is my favorite because of the organic reach (I’ve been posting daily on LinkedIn since 2019, and I’ve started to now focus on Twitter as well.)
  16. Active listening:
    • Read comments
    • Read comments on posts that other people in your niche posted 
    • Read DMs
    • Read email responses
    • This will help you write content that people actually want to hear.
  17. Tell your story because nobody else can. 
  18.  Personal branding is all about helping. Not selling.
  19. Invest in a professional, current head shot. It does wonders. 
  20. Don’t bring others down to bring yourself up. That’s selfish and messed up. 
  21. Give yourself milestones to hit that motivate you. Keep score, and get your head in the game.
  22. Your day job is not your personal brand. It’s 2 different things.
  23. Be upfront with your boss (if you work at a company so it’s not a surprise to them that you’re posting online – that said, you should work somewhere that you are supported if possible – don’t settle.)

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