4 Digital Marketing Tips during COVID-19


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In the wake of a global pandemic, one may wonder…

Why continue your online marketing efforts amid the coronavirus? 

Budgets, allocated to industry events, are now being transferred to online marketing following the virus outbreak. Reassessing your digital marketing plan is crucial because at this moment, consumer behavior is changing drastically, and may be different from here on out.

How People Work Is Changing

Employers are having their meetings moved to conference calls; if before people thought: why do it online when we can do it in person? Now people think: why do it in person when we can do it online? 

How Students Learn Is Changing

Schools have been closed for over a month and children are taking classes online, with their teachers leading the course by way of webcam. There is more opportunities for parents to be hands-on in their child’s education, since they are not simply sending them off to an institution—the learning is happening right in their living rooms.

How People Buy Is Changing

Since people are trying to stay indoors as long as possible, often the only forms of leisure come in the form of entertainment. Namely, television and smartphones. For decades, TV commercials were the most effective way to put your advertisement right in peoples’ homes. Today, people are glued to social media! The opportunity is placing your service, ad, or product right in your consumers’ hands. 

That is not to say that digital marketers should focus their efforts on playing peoples’ emotions during the crisis. Be careful with your communications. Many businesses will find difficulties during this quarantine due to the economic impact of the coronavirus. But ecommerce businesses will have a better hand to endure this situation.

Image Source: Searches for “Buy Online” [SmartrMail]

Physical business locations will feel the impact of COVID-19 the hardest, while ecommerce merchants are coming out on top. Studies on the coronavirus’ effect on ecommerce have shown that it’s actually increasing sales across many verticals.

4 Digital Marketing Tips for Business Owners during Coronavirus

  1. Social Media

The outbreak has caused the amount of hours that people spend on their phones to skyrocket. Audiences are already scrolling, now is the time for business owners to put their brand out and increase their reach and engagement. Social media marketing drives audience engagement with image updates, videos, copywriting, and other content. Everyone wants their content to go viral, but if the content is not good then your social media strategy will fail. Each platform requires a slightly different strategy, and you must leverage each of their differences in order to connect with your target audience. The content must be so engaging that it makes the user want to tell all of his or her friends about it.

Image Source: “The Conversation Prism” [Neil Patel]

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Moving businesses to the Internet has been a steadily growing trend since the era of the Internet began. Only in recent years, however, did online businesses start popping up that have no physical location. Take UberEATS, or Postmates as examples. These businesses not only have zero locations in person, but their whole business model thrives on those who want the convenience of having everything sent to you at the touch of your fingertips. 

Image Source: Coronavirus Impact on SEO [Search Engine Journal]

COVID-19 has only sped up the trend that was already present—more purchases are being made online. Online businesses have plenty more competition today than they did in the decades prior. But what gives one business a better chance at being used over another?

SEO is a process that helps your website appear on the first page of online search results. This process is time-consuming, but worth it in the long run. It continues to work for you even on your days off! The coronavirus has forced many businesses to pause their SEO efforts, which is a big mistake. Now, more than ever, consumers are using the Internet to find services and products. SEO helps your business be seen before your competition. To leverage quality SEO is to guarantee business leads and combat the panic of the coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Email Marketing

Although advertising through email was falling off in recent years, the coronavirus has breathed life back into email marketing. However, business owners should consider leveraging their email lists for more than just trying to sell to their consumers from their inboxes.

Building relationships with potential consumers, and nurturing existing relationships, is a great way to connect with clients. Taking the time to set up your email marketing strategy will contribute to the permanence of your business, long after the scare of COVID-19 is a distant memory. 

Business owners need to learn about their audience. This can be in the form of short surveys, email newsletters, or a request for reviews, regardless if you’re B2B or B2C. The data from their behavior goes a long way in understanding what our clients need, and what they effectively respond to.

Instead of focusing on sales, focus on brand building. This can include emailing tips on how to best use your products or how to make them last longer, or sharing stories to uplift people during this difficult time.

  1. Social & Google Advertising

Businesses are changing their operations to move online and people are staying at home more, so naturally they turn to the news and online search results for answers and solutions to their new needs. Even if some consumers are not in the position to make purchases during the crisis, it is important to stay visible on everyone’s online feed. People are still searching online, and these new searchers are driving new audiences to advertisers’ websites and some are becoming new customers. 

At the height of COVID-19 panic last February, there was a shift in Google Search Ad clicks.

Image Source: Google Search Ad Clicks [WordStream]

Small businesses can leverage this change in user behavior by analyzing the differences since after the epidemic. With more time at home, consumers are finding more time to invest their attention on ads. Creating a surplus of content ensures repeated impressions, so when your target audience is ready to make a purchase, they purchase from you and not your competitors.

Digital Marketing Made Simple

Image Source: Social Advertising During the Coronavirus [Lyfe Marketing]

Be strategic in how you implement your marketing efforts. At some point, the virus will pass and after the dust settles, your business will either be behind or ahead of the curve. Use this time to learn from and build relationships with potential consumers, or position your services as a solution to your audience’s specific problems. Continuing your marketing despite the coronavirus can be as simple as letting clients know that you’re here, and you’re open for business. If you want to invest in marketing but you’re unsure of where to start, don’t worry! Contact us today to get started.

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