7 Best Apps for Entrepreneurs

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You wake up in the morning and right away you are at your desk or on your mobile device. You run your own small business and every morning all sorts of problems and situations are already waiting for you. Managing all the different aspects of your business is no small feat, but with a few special apps, you can find everything you need to do becomes less of a headache. With the high-tech business tools listed below, you won’t feel overwhelmed; instead, you’ll feel confident and in control.


Small business entrepreneurs need to keep track of the money coming and, more importantly, the money going out; as in where is it going and why. ‘Freshbooks‘ is considered to be a great accounting app that is easy to use and very accurate. Once you’ve set it up to account for your expenses, you’ll be able to understand where the money is going with just a quick scan. It will also provide you with late payment reminders and help you with estimates.


An independent contractor usually experiences the roller coaster ride that is the ebb and flow of their business. Working long hours for a few weeks and then just sitting around waiting for the work to come in. ‘Fundbox‘ is an app that will allow you to obtain a cash advance based on your current invoices. It is compatible with and designed to, interface with other apps like Freshbooks. You can set up a repayment schedule over a three to six-month period regarding each cash advance. You will be charged a small amount, but one thing in your favor is you’ll build up your credit limits and rating each time you use it properly.


Organizing the tasks and responsibilities of each of your employees can quickly become very confusing. ‘Asana‘ easily allows you to plan and schedule, create checklists so you know what’s been done and when it’s been done, share documents, and have a conversation when it is necessary to make sure everyone knows exactly what they’re are doing.


The Slack app is today’s two-way radio. You want a back and forth conversation as this is necessary to provide instant clarification between you and your employee. This app will also bring a little fun into the equation that is your business as a little joking or a simple bet on who can finish first can spark your employees to really get into their job as they can have a little fun while doing it.


Small business entrepreneurs are in charge of bringing in new business and this means you’re going to have to do a little bit of marketing and advertising. CoSchedule is a great tool to help you stay on top of your social media advertising. Besides providing a schedule of marketing tasks, such as when a blog post is needed or letting your know you haven’t ‘Tweeted’ in a while, CoSchedule also has its own analytical software to let you understand exactly how engaging and effective your social media marketing efforts are.


This app is designed to replace the act of carrying around with you a small paper notebook that ends being full of a bunch of little notes that you have to decipher and organize later. Evernote allows you to make any type of notes, including when you jot down an idea or two and can be set to receive notes from any device and have them all collected and organized in one place with an easy search function saving you valuable time. You can set it up the way you want it to be with individual sections relating to a specific client, a subcontractor, as well as your ‘Idea’ section and a place for promising leads. It also has a share function for documents that can also handle quick snippets from the web.


Running your own business will always have headaches and that daily bunch of ‘Small Fires’ to put out. Stress is a part of owning and running any business and Headspace is your partner in helping you maintain your sanity. Headspace is one of the more unusual business tools with the purpose of giving you a few minutes of meditation to calm any fear or anger to allow you to relax. Being relaxed and in a positive mental state allows your mind to function at a much higher level. When you feel you’re about to lose it, this app can get you focused and grounded very quickly.

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