8 Steps To Irresistible Email Copy Every Time

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Before you start writing your email sales letter, you need to determine exactly who your target audience is. This is a master key to getting results from email marketing.

Ask yourself these questions:

What do your prospects/customers want?
What frustrates your prospects/customers the most?
Who else sells something like you?
Why should your prospects/customers believe you?
Why should prospects/customers answer you and not someone else?
What kind of appeals will your target market respond to?


Before an email can produce results, recipients must open it. But what can you do to arouse their interest and start their interest “engine”?

Your SUBJECT LINE is the key.

There are four types of email formulas that you can use as a guide for composing your email. Everyone has a different PSYCHOLOGICAL APPEAL that works like magic on consumers. Here are some examples:

Name a major benefit “Empowerment meets your need to lead”

arouses curiosity “Empowerment has discovered the secrets of success”

Write your subject line with a message angle “Empowerism launches RSVP for those who want to double your money fast! “

Offer Immediate Satisfaction” With Empowerism RSVP You Can Turn Money Before The Sun Goes Down Tonight “

Here is an important” homework “assignment: Write at least 25 LINES OF SUBJECT before You decide which one you want to use. Take the best two and compare them to each other in your marketing campaign. (Save the “losers” for another use or repair them later.)

Step # 3 WHAT’S UP?

Sit down and write down all the possible benefits of your product. Not sure what the difference between features and benefits is? Features describe the product; Benefits describe the results of using the product. Features appeal to logic … logic justifies emotions … emotion drives sales (see below).

Here is a general rule of thumb for benefit: Ask yourself, “What can my product or service do for my customer?Tell them how much better life will be for them after they buy from you, tell them how much better they will feel and how your co-workers will respect them more.


When promoting something to someone, it’s important to remember that buying decisions are based on emotion and then backed up by logic. Before entering a single word, determine which emotional keys to press to “wake up” your perspective.

Do you sell nutritional supplements? Select the Fear of Illness button with A Natural Way to Save Your Eyesight. Do you sell political stickers? Press the “anger” button with: “Let the president know what you think of his policies. Other buttons are curiosity, greed, ego, vanity, hope and/or fear of scarcity or security.


In order to convince people to buy your product or service, you have to make them believe that your offer is credible and that you (or your product) will keep what you promised Can Build Credibility With Your Readers For Sales Letters:

Share Testimonials
Add Confirmation Letters From People With Authority In Your Industry
Make Your Offer And Promise Sincerely And Credibly Step # 6 GUARANTEE
Nowadays, trying without Guarantee to sell, a lost offer. You have to have one, and the stronger your guarantee, the better your response. Regardless of whether or not most people do NOT ask for a refund. , they will trust your offer. or that you are behind it.

You can offer 24 hours, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or even a whole year.And here’s an interesting fact: the longer the timeframe, the less returns you will have. It is human nature to doubt. The longer someone thinks they need a refund, the longer they’ll postpone the refund or forget about the refund altogether.


It Happens All The Time Someone makes a great sales presentation and then doesn’t close the deal because they didn’t clearly ask for the order or made the process more confusing than easy.

From Research: Statistics show you need to order at least three times to make significant sales. (Some studios set the number to 7!)

If you can, offer your prospects multiple options so that consumers will love the choice. Tell them: “You speak to me directly and meet my individual needs. Then ask again.


It is well known: Large blocks of text are intimidating and often make people run into the mountains or at least to the delete button.

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