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The Latest on Russia’s Social Media Bans

Instagram has been officially banned in Russia as a result of the Russian government’s demands. After blocking access to Facebook and severely restricting Twitter use, the Russian government has demonstrated that it has no qualms about depriving tens of millions of people of access to these large communication platforms. The

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10 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Boost Their Digital Marketing Campaigns

As the world gradually returns to normalcy, the real estate industry has resumed and is showing signs of growth. Given the expected rise in the housing market in 2022, agents or companies should concentrate on their marketing strategies. People nowadays look up properties or houses online, so it’s critical for

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Your Top 10 SEO Questions, Answered.

Have a question about SEO? Get your questions answered here: So you’re thinking about doing SEO or are already doing it, but you have some burning SEO questions about the hows and whys of this digital strategy. Here are some of the most frequently asked SEO questions answered. 1. What

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What Are the Top Differences Between UX and UI?

The new frontier of marketing has arrived, and it entails anticipating your users’ needs through UI and UX design. In the marketing world, the hottest new buzzwords are UI and UX. While the terms may appear to be interchangeable, these two approaches to product design are actually quite distinct. Here’s

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Clubhouse Adds In-Room Chat, Providing Another Way to Engage in Conversations

Clubhouse has added a new text chat option that will run in addition to the main audio discussion in each session, giving users another way to participate in the conversation in each room. As seen in this example from user Michael Sterling, Clubhouse’s chat option is a simple text stream

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Checklist for Branding in 2022

Bulletproof branding is the key to a successful product and marketing strategy. It may appear intimidating, but we’ve compiled a list of must-have items for your convenience! Best practices for branding can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. When embarking on branding, rebranding, or branding refresh journey, you should plan

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4 Best Practices for Marketing and Getting Your Startup Off to a Flying Start

Marketing as a startup company can be intimidating and intense, but the right strategy and plan can help you breathe easier in 2022. Working for a startup can be exhilarating. The benefits of working for a startup company include the fast pace, flexibility, and lack of bureaucracy and rules. While

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4 Best methods to improve your ranking on Google search in 2022

In 2022, Google remains the most visited website on the internet. Your website must be highly ranked in Google’s search algorithm in order to be easily found. Although it may sound simple, it isn’t. SEO (search engine optimization) sounds simple. Is it really that difficult to say? Marketers who specialize

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What makes Reels the Best Method for Increasing your Instagram Followings

Have you thought about using Instagram Reels for your business yet, given the rise in popularity of short video content? In an effort to counteract the popularity of TikTok, Facebook has launched Instagram Reels. Since many people are wary of using TikTok due to some contentious issues, Instagram is a

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