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Consistency is one of the keys to any successful Instagram account. Whether you have 500 followers or 5 million, if you want to grow, you have to be consistent! Being consistent in your posting is more easily said than done, and a lot of aspiring influencers start strong but quickly lose steam when they run out of their initial batch of ideas. 
A little preparation will go a long way in assuring the long-term success of your account. There are a few ways that you can set yourself up for success without having lots of last-minute emergencies.

Create a Content Calendar

If you’re like most creatives, you have some days where you have loads of ideas for posts, and then stretches of time where you feel like you’ll never have a good idea again. Creating a content calendar makes it so that instead of posting your ten great ideas in a row, you can spread them out over a longer time, giving you more time to come up with new ideas. This strategy also allows you to think further ahead than just your next few posts – when you think of your posting as a calendar, you can look ahead at important events or holidays and prepare posts far in advance. 
A content calendar will also assure that you don’t post the same content more than once by mistake and can keep the risk of typos low. 

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Have an Aesthetic Theme

When you look at your Instagram account as a whole rather than post by post, you can see whether or not there’s any consistency to the look of your posts. While the content of your captions is important, when a potential new follower looks at your account, the first thing they’ll see is the visual content you’ve posted.
Rather than having a ‘point and shoot’ strategy, where you post as you think of it, thinking ahead, can greatly improve the overall look of your account. You can hire a photographer for a few days and, with a few outfit changes planned, you can post high-quality content for months. Purchasing a set of filters is another great way to make sure every post of yours has a similar look, adding to an overall feel that your content is intentional and well thought out. 

Commit for the Long Haul

If you have a job where you operate by deadlines, no matter what happens, the deadline must be respected. If you are a school teacher, you know that students will show up in your classroom every day when the bell rings, and you’ve got to be ready to teach them. Posting on your Instagram should have the same commitment from you as a job with outside accountability. If you discipline yourself to always post at the time you said you would, you’ll be surprised at what your discipline and consistency does to your engagement and following. 

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