Social Media News for September 2022

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  • TikTok shares new guidance for Brands in Video Series.
  • TikTok adds additional regional trend insights.
  • TikTok’s new feature called “Tiktok Now” is a copycat of BeReal.
  • TikTok expands Multi-participant Live Streams to more users.
  • Tiktok is releasing its comment dislike button to all users.
  • Tiktok increases length of video descriptions (captions).

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  • You can now post your NFTs to Instagram and Facebook Both .
  • Instagram is working on a new plan an events feature.
  • Instagram begins testing reposts, resharing posts to your feed.
  • Instagram tests “Add Topics” feature for reels, another copy of Pinterest’s Idea Pins.
  • Instagram is cutting back on its Shopping features.
  • Instagram is working on a new Monetisation Feature called “Gifts” for Creators.
  • Instagram Stories under 60 seconds are no longer broken up into clips.
  • Instagram is developing a nudity filter for direct messages.

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  • Google tests Quick Read and 5-min read label in Search Results.
  • Google Provides examples of How to Improve Your Meta Descriptions.
  • Google launches new Ads setups & Ad group column options.
  • Google Will reject Ads if Advertisers have a bad landing page, A new policy to.
  • Smart shopping Campaigns in merchant Center will automatically upgrade to Performance Max.
  • Google launches new HTTPS report in Google Search Console.
  • Google Adds new tools to help you create engaging Ads.
  • Google expands eligibility for Product Rich Results.
  • Google Announces September 2022 Core Algorithm Update .
  • Google launches Fifth Product Reviews Update to Search.
  • Google Ads Self upgrade Tool now rolling out for local campaign to Performance Max.
  • Google Announces New Ad Assets for Advertisers for better workflow.


  • LinkedIn Is partnering with Meta,IBM and Oracle to launch more Professional Certifications for Learning.
  • LinkedIn is working on a native post-scheduling option.
  • LinkedIn adds new tools to alert members about job opportunities.
  • LinkedIn launches “Focused Inbox” to help you manage your messages better.

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  • Meta is planning to launch paid features for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Messenger Adds “Group Invite Links” to Stream Group Chat.
  • Meta is adding few changes to link tracking system on IG & FB.
  • Meta Connect Event Scheduled for 11th October.
  • WhatsApp privacy change being rolled out to users by Meta.
  • Meta is testing new type of end-to-end encryption for Messenger and IG Chats.
  • Meta is testing Community chats like Reddit For Facebook Groups in Messenger.
  • Meta launches new features to help Facebook Creators get discovered.
  • WhatsApp launched a new integration with Salesforce for Businesses.
  • Facebook launched a new type of collaborative Ads.
  • Meta Debuts a Reels API for sharing from third party apps.


  • Twitter Circle is now available to Everyone.
  • Twitter Adds WhatsApp and LinkedIn sharing options to facilitate broader tweet engagement.
  • Twitter launches their own workshop series to educate businesses about platform and it’s expensive.
  • Twitter could roll out a wide test of Edit Tweet Feature from September 21.
  • Twitter’s new podcast feature available for Twitter Blue iOS Users now.
  • Twitter expands research group to study content moderation.
  • Twitter is rolling out “Add Alt Text to your Images” Alert Globally.


  • YouTube is testing a new way to allow creators to buy Ads.
  • YouTube launches an ad-free video player for education.
  • YouTube Music allows now you to share your songs to Instagram Stories.
  • YouTube starts testing new search insights features.
  • YouTube launches new vertical Creative aspects for YouTube Ads.
  • YouTube is testing a YouTube Channel Personalization Feature to help creators maximise viewership.
  • YouTube Adds Shorts to Partner Program sharing 45% revenue with creators.
  • YouTube launches Beta Test of Super Thanks in Shorts.


  • Snapchat’s BeReal Clone Feature is now available. Another copycat!
  • Snapchat CEO shares plan to revive Snapchat from falling user base to growth state!
  • Snapchat launches new features for fall season with new iOS 16 compatibility!
  • Snapchat for web is available for all users worldwide.


  • Reddit acquires audience research platform “Spiketrap” to evolve their Ad Targeting Tools.
  • Reddit brings new UI/UX changes to the feed switching process.


  • WordPress Releases 6.02 Security Vulnerability Update.
  • Microsoft Ads extends RSA migration to Feb.2023.
  • New Microsoft feature allows you to run Ads on Google, FB and IG.
  • Yahoo acquires source credibility algorithms.
  • Microsoft Launched 5 new Ad products and updates.
  • New Apple Ads Spots Open for Advertisers In Quarter 4.
  • Adobe to acquire Figma Web-design platform for $20 Billion.
  • Canva launches new Visual Worksuite which might help businesses a lot.
  • Discord adds Reddit like Forum Channel for chatting about specific topics.
  • Pinterest launches a new promotional campaign “Don’t don’t yourself”.
  • Microsoft introduces Multimedia Ads.
  • Wix integrates with Semrush to provide Users with Keyword Data.
  • Walmart is now selling Ads on Tiktok, Roku and Snap.
  • Twitch to bring Premium Subscription Revenue share with more in line with the standard.

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