Social Media Updates from May 2022

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  1. TikTok Expanded Caption limits from 100 to 500 Characters.
  2. Tiktok Introduced Third-party cookies to Tiktok Pixel.
  3. Tiktok launched its First Ad product “Tiktok Pulse” to share revenue with Creators with 100k+ Followers.
  4. Tiktok started testing the Friends Tab replacing Discover Tab to encourage users to interact more with creators or drones they follow.
  5. Tiktok Launches New Insights Tool to help you find your target audience.
  6. Tiktok Announced First “For You” Summit in Canada.
  7. Tiktok Introduces new tools to credit the creators of trends by tagging them & more.
  8. Tiktok launched another Tool called “Branded Mission” to help creators and brands.
  9. Tiktok partnered with Social Media Management Tools like Later, and Sprout social to help their users auto-publish Content.
  10. Tiktok launched the First Stage of Live Creator subscriptions this week.
  11. Tiktok Adds New Lead Generation Feature to its Business App.


  1. Instagram Announced a New Feed design with Photos and Videos in a single Tiktok-like feed with 9:16 Photos and Videos.
  2. Instagram started working on the ability to turn on/off the remix options on Instagram reels.
  3. Instagram Announced NFT Collectibles are coming to the platform.
  4. Instagram is testing the following Tab for Reels in India.
  5. The platform is testing a new story layout that changes everything for creators.
  6. The platform is working on Reactions For Videos and a drop-down menu for the Homepage.
  7. Instagram launched their new Font called “Instagram Sans” for Stories and Reels and did a branding refresh.


  1. Google now lets you request the removal of personal contact information from search results.
  2. Google Added 9 new Ad policies to prevent misleading ads from taking place.
  3. Google Search Console’s URL parameter tool is officially not working for the next few months.
  4. Google tests new Colors for clicked search results by you. Now Clicked results are in Purple.
  5. Google launched a range of new courses to help small businesses with marketing and business growth.
  6. Google is started working on the ability to Add Continuous scrolling on the Desktop.
  7. Google Expands on showing more and more viral videos in the Web Stories section of search.
  8. Google Now Allows FAQ markup for Non-FAQ content.
  9. “My Ads Center” is coming to Google which allows people to have more access to Ads they see on Google.
  10. Google reveals a new image ranking signal, inclusive sigma.
  11. Google Universal Analytics Real-Time Reports Now Changed To “In Last 5 Minutes” replacing “Users Right Now”.
  12. New Translated Results Search Appearance Filter Added to Google Search Console Performance Report.
  13. Google I/O 2022: New Maps Advances, Shopping Tools, and Search Insights was held on 11/ 12 May.
  14. Google Ads is testing replacing Ad Label with Sponsored label.
  15. Google launches video health tools to help publisher monetization
  16. Google Search Console now tracks more desktop search features
  17. Google May 2022 Broad Core Update Is Live.
  18. Google Ads Smart Display Campaign and Optimised Targeting Changes.
  19. 7 Updates coming to Google Performance Max Campaigns.
  20. A Summary of Updates from Google’s Marketing Live 2022 Event.
  21. Google Analytics 4 is Bad But Here’s What You Need to know!
  22. Google Unveils Ads Manager Tool for Video Ads.


  1. LinkedIn rolled out the Link-in-bio feature and started expanding it to more and more users worldwide.
  2. LinkedIn Updates Algorithm to downgrade Engagement-Baiting Posts and Polls.
  3. LinkedIn introduces Live Captions for Audio Events.
  4. LinkedIn updates its Professional Community policies.
  5. LinkedIn shares new insights into remote job opportunities in selected industries.


  1. YouTube expands Thank You Monetisation tool to all eligible creators.
  2. YouTube Expands its ‘Pre-Publish Checks’ Tool to the Mobile App.
  3. YouTube Go is shutting down in August.
  4. YouTube Shorts now have a green screen compatible With All videos.
  5. YouTube is testing a membership gifting feature with selected creators.
  6. YouTube started rolling out its Clips feature to all creators.
  7. The platform added the “Most replayed” feature to help viewers identify the most popular parts of the video!
  8. YouTube bets big on Live-shopping as it announced new features related to it in the Brand cast.
  9. The platform will start rolling out YouTube Shorts Ads This Month!
  10. YouTube Analytics Now separates Data by Video Type.


  1. Elon Musk announced Buying Twitter for $44 Billion but The Deal is on Hold Right now!
  2. Announcements: Twitter reportedly overcounted the number of daily active users for the last 3 years.
  3. Twitter creators can now get paid through Cryptocurrency on Twitter with Stripe.
  4. Twitter announced an Instagram-like feature called “Twitter Circle” which lets you add up to 150 people who can see your tweets.
  5. Twitter Expands Tweet Replies Ad space to All Advertisers.
  6. Twitter rolls out Spaces Analytics to All Hosts and Co-hosts.
  7. Twitter is working on a start a Space about this tweet Feature. You will be able to start a space about a tweet directly.
  8. Twitter introduced new policies to highlight its efforts to combat spam and duplicate tweets.
  9. The platform will hide false Tweets from high-profile accounts during times of crisis.
  10. Creators can now run specific Twitter spaces for their super followers.
  11. The platform Agrees to Pay $150 Million in Privacy Settlements.
  12. Twitter’s latest update will make third-party apps better.
  13. Twitter rebranded its media website to help creators with more resources.


  1. Snapchat launches a $230 flying drone camera and new e-commerce integrations in Snap Summit 2022.
  2. eBay sellers can now share listings on Snapchat.
  3. Snapchat is bringing parental control features to the platform.
  4. Snapchat rolls out a ‘shared stories’ feature to make it easier to share memories.


  1. WhatsApp is working on a paid subscription for multi-phone and tablet chatting.
  2. Facebook shuts down podcasts and their other audio projects.
  3. Meta Expands Reels Monetization with Monthly Challenges.
  4. Meta And Adobe collaborated for a new Social media marketing training course called “Elevate Circles”.
  5. Meta Announces New Business Messaging Tools, Including Improved WhatsApp Ad Creation.
  6. WhatsApp rolls out emoji reactions, bigger files, and massive groups.
  7. Meta opens up WhatsApp Cloud API to attract more businesses to WhatsApp Marketing.
  8. Meta updates its privacy policy with few changes and Facebook’s data policy is now Meta’s privacy policy.
  9. WhatsApp now allows Indian Users to access government documents within the app.
  10. Meta introduced Facebook Graph And Marketing API v14.0.
  11. Meta Introduces Recurring Notifications for Businesses on Messengers.


  1. Microsoft Advertising now offers incentive features like cash-back and adding stock images from your website.
  2. Twitch is looking to expand their cut from streamers’ earnings from 30 to 50% and also thinks of boosting Ads.
  3. Microsoft Advertising is rolling out Auto-generated marketing lists and more updates this month.
  4. Microsoft Advertising launched 3+ new Ad certification badges to show your qualifications.
  5. Netflix officially announced Ads are coming to the platform by end of the Year.
  6. New Yelp Feature: “Request a Call” will help you generate more leads.
  7. Vimeo makes videos more discoverable on Google.
  8. Wiz now has an SEO hub to teach its users.
  9. Possible Ranking Update on May 16.
  10. Similar Web acquires SEO tool “Rank Ranger”.
  11. WordPress 6.0 is Here with New Improvements And great features.
  12. Bing Tests Branded Sidebar Navigation Tool.
  13. WooCommerce and Tiktok Integration is here!
  14. Meta and Spotify is bringing back Political Ads silently for mid-term Elections.
  15. DuckDuckGo’s Search Deal Prevents Browser From Blocking Microsoft Trackers.


  1. Reddit launched a $1 million fund to support various projects going on the platform.
  2. The platform launched a new “Reddit Talk Host” program.

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