The Latest on Russia’s Social Media Bans

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Instagram has been officially banned in Russia as a result of the Russian government’s demands. After blocking access to Facebook and severely restricting Twitter use, the Russian government has demonstrated that it has no qualms about depriving tens of millions of people of access to these large communication platforms.

The 80 million Russian Instagram users were warned about the impending ban, so influencers and business owners took to the platform this past Sunday to say their goodbyes.

One fashion blogger broke down and expressed her feelings, saying, “This is my life, this is my soul.” For the past five years, this is what I’ve woken up to and fallen asleep to… I’m filled with resentment and nowhere near acceptance.”

According to a recent article on the subject, “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has marked a new inflection point for social media and its role in the modern information ecosystem.” Censorship on social media is a major issue that has yet to be resolved. Once again, social media is acting as a catalyst for extreme power struggles all over the world.

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