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People’s changing behaviors, evolving technology, the economy, COVID-19, and new regulations are all having an impact on the advertising industry in their own way. Changing data policies and regulations have had a very real and disruptive impact on the advertising landscape. For many businesses, this has made it difficult to understand how people’s actions influenced a specific business outcome, as well as more difficult to reach people with ads they’re likely to find relevant.

The result is the 2022 Signal Resiliency Guide, a resource designed to provide marketers and advertisers with actionable strategies for dealing with signal loss across their organizations. It includes industry trends as well as valuable actions that top marketers are taking to drive performance now in data, media activation, tech stacks, and measurement.

Here are some main points from the guide:

1 Determine where your company stands today.

The first step toward action is determining where your company stands today in terms of developing resilient strategies. Consider asking yourself the following questions:

“Is my company aware of the changes in the landscape?”
“Do I understand what data my company is currently using and how that data is being used?”
“How is my measurement strategy affected?”
You will be able to determine your next steps more effectively once you have a clear understanding of where you are. Use the maturity curve in the guide to help you determine the state of your business.

2 Introduce teamwork and marketing synergy.

The impact of signal loss is not limited to any one team. It may have an impact not only on your analytics and marketing teams, but also on your IT and privacy teams to ensure that it complies. Breaking down internal organizational silos and increasing cohesiveness between impacted teams are extremely crucial. Workflow, cross-training, and steering committees are all important considerations.

3 Construct a secure, privacy-friendly foundation.

A solid foundation is required to build resilient strategies. This includes having a solid data governance model and structure in place to ensure regulatory compliance. Marketers should also implement secure and compliant data sharing solutions, which may include signal routers and privacy-enhancing technologies.

4 Take advantage of the resilient signals that are already available to you.

While the nature of the data available has changed, there are still numerous opportunities to invest in resilient signals. One approach is to prioritize the development of a strong first-party data strategy. High-quality first-party data can enable marketers to strengthen customer relationships, collect more accurate data, and activate across multiple channels.

5 Think about your measurement strategy.

Multi-touch, click-based, and view-through attribution no longer accurately measures digital performance. It is critical to evaluate what story your data is telling you, how that data should evolve to meet your needs, and how an agile test-and-learn approach might be used.

Meta has provided us with a guide to help us understand and navigate through this:

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